Tuesday, 11 November 2014

5 apps every girl needs

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1. I love polyvore. it helps me discover trends, shop for clothes and make 
awesome fashion collages. Its great for when your bored at school.

2. Blink box music is a free music streaming app where I have discovered
many new bands and singers and have really widened my music genre.

3. Cocoppa is an app where you can find wallpapers and change the icons
on your front screen. i get really bored with my home screen so this helps 7
me a lot,

4. Pinterest is very popular right now. i love finding projects and outfit
ideas. i can't express my love for this app and i have been using it for 
the longest time now.

5. We Heart it is an app like pinterest but is just pictures. i like finding wallpapers
and pictures of my favourite artists. i love this for when im bored at home or 


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