Thursday, 31 July 2014

My wishlist


Here is a list of a few things that i am working towards. They are just things i think are cute and am saving all of my money for.

1. Tony moly bunny gloss bar. These adorable bunny inspired lip glosses are not only sheer and appropriate for school and all teenagers. They come in a range of colours and the packaging is the best I have ever seen. My favourite shades are the 3rd, 4th and 6th ones.

2. who doesn't want a Fuji film Instax. These are memory makers and they print the picture as soon as you take it. So for teenagers they don't need to spend money on printing. I love all of the pastel colours and they just look perfect.

3. These converses are the cutest pair ever and they go with like every piece of clothing in my closet. i haven't got a pair of converses as every time i find some online the colour isn't right in the store. but these are perfect.

EOS Lip Balm
4. i still haven't got an eos yet. ive tried a balmi and will do a review and wow that was not something i would re-purchase. But obviously eos one of the most popular lip balms ever. so i will try one eventually. 

5. These are the too cool for school lipsticks and they are adorable. the packaging are these cool city skylines and they would look soo adorable on someone's vanity table.

    6. I really want to try this lush bath bomb. i love having baths as it is comforting and relaxing and usually i just add bath gel. but a funky pink bath would be good too.

Skincare Routine


I thought I would share with you my daily skin routine. Using these products, I get silky smooth skin and it makes you look so much brighter.

Night Routine:

First i use the St Ives apricot scrub to remove all dead skin cells
and give my face that rejuvenating feeling. The reason i
 love this scrub is because it smells great and the
small pieces of apricot are good exfoliators
but are gentle on the skin.
After ex foliating i use this clay mask to control
oily skin and give it that bright and soft feeling.
The mask goes on so much smoother if you
exfoliate first.

Morning Routine:

In the morning i don't like to use a scrub as it could be too
drying on my skin. So I like to use this face wash. It has a
creamy yoghurt like texture and just washes away any
grease and makes your skin feel refreshed. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here. The weather is hot and people are going out and having quality family time. Here are my summer essentials. We all have those products we can't live without.
This is a great moisturiser perfect to give you smooth looking legs
and arms in the summer. Its great smell and smooth
texture makes you want to use it more.
Everyone needs a perfect pair of flats for the summer. And my feet have been glued to these flats from new look. They're comfortable and
This oil not only enhances nail growth but
conditions the cuticles. This with the hot weather
is surely going to grow your nails longer.

This cup is cute and has my favourite character on it.
Julius the monkey. Its perfect for summer milkshakes and smoothies. Also, the wasps can't get in.

Everyone needs a lip balm for their dry
cracked lips and this is one is great. It contains
beeswax and Shea butter wit jojoba oil. It acts as
a barrier from the sun.

This dry ends serum is great as it is very lightweight
and really moisturises the hair follicles. it smells great
and doesn't make your hair look oily. 

The Hinari Genie comes with many attachments and blends fruit to a smooth and creamy pulp. I recommend it for avid smoothie makers and milkshake lovers.
To tackle the dry skin and protect your face
this boots moisturiser hydrates the driest of skin,
has spf to protect your skin from the sun's rays and is
good for sensitive skin like mine.

I love using this in the place of a body wash every
now and then to get rid of dead skin cells and
because it foams up it acts as a perfect body wash.
 But don't overuse.

These headphones are great. They are loud
clear and look stylish. I bought these after my brother
got a pair of red ones and I wanted my own pair, so i
used my Amazon voucher to buy these, they're only £10.99.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Late night post.

I thought I would quickly show you my new school bag. Its from next and is very pretty. Tommorow I will be opening it and doing a review. But I thought I would just quickly give you a glimpse. I love it. 💖 .

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Strawberry Picking

Today i went strawberry picking with all of my family. i decided to go for a very comfortable and laid back outfit. This is what I wore. The top is from primary. The jeans are next. The shoes are JD.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Hello and welcome back?

My name is Simi Kaur and you may or may not know that i had a blog called tapestry of glam. It was hosted by but i realised that i was not a big fan of the platform. So i backed up my bags and moved back to blogger. It was quite a hard decision to make as I did have 250 followers but I didn't want to continue and not be entirely happy with the blog itself. I hope you enjoy and please follow.